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October 2016 - Site restoration continues with planting and seeding. Wood mats and access roads have been removed.

Ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Friday, October 21, 2016. General Manager Jeff Knueppel spoke as well as other SEPTA representatives and elected officials. A commemorative plaque has been installed on one of the piers.

Installation of drainage pipes at Piers 3 and 4 have been completed.

The temporary poles and fiber optic cables have been removed from the east side of the bridge to the west side of the bridge.

Hydroseeding was completed on the slopes east of the creek and in the equipment staging areas. Planting was done along access roads.

Installation of the drain piping system was finished at the east abutment and pier 1 and installation of grounding cable will begin.

Site restoration continued with hydroseeding for the grass and installation of plants and trees.

Drainage pipes were installed at Pier 1 along with the cage ladder that is used to access the inspection platform.

September 2016 - A stone splash block has been installed at Pier 3 to control the flow of the rainwater that will come through the drainage pipes.

The Crumhenge stones were laid out and reinstalled as requested by Swarthmore College. Crumhenge was known as the area beneath the Crum Creek Viaduct where two unique stone slabs were located for generations. During the replacement of the bridge, the stone slabs were removed.

Support brackets for installation of inspection platforms at piers 2, 3, and 4 were put in place. The platforms will sit below the bridge and will be used for bridge inspections.

Regrading of the construction site continues. Planting and seeding has begun on the slopes along the sides of the bridge abutments.

Handrails for the southeast approach sidewalk have been installed.

General site clean-up of the construction compound is taking place and the compound fencing along the western side has been removed.

The Leiper-Smedley trail was cleaned up and existing signs were reinstalled. The trail was re-opened to the public on September 2, 2016.

Previous Activities
August 2016 - Removal of the Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) wall on the northeast slope has begun. Grading at the northeast and southeast slopes is being done to restore the land around the project site. (Grading at the northeast slope

Paving for the Leiper Smedley trail from the bridge to Rodgers Lane has been completed.

Installation and final inspection of the catenary wires at Tracks 1 and 2 have been completed. The communication and signal cables have also been successfully installed. (Wire train after final inspection of catenary wire installation

The contractor completed grading on the south side of the pedestrian tunnel for installation of the new asphalt path.

The substructures, abutments, wing walls and pedestrian tunnel are being power washed and sprayed with an anti-graffiti stain.

Catenary wires were installed over tracks 1 and 2. Communication and signal cables are being connected.

Completed installation of the structural catenary hangers. The catenary hangers are part of the system that provides power to the railway.

A tamping machine was used to complete the surfacing of tracks 1 and 2. The tamping machine packs the ballast underneath the tracks to make it more durable.

The four approach sidewalks have been completed and forms have been removed. Handrails for the sidewalks are still in fabrication and have not been installed yet.

Forms, which are wooden boards attached together that are used as frames for the concrete, were placed for the northwest sidewalk along the northwest wing wall.

Rail for tracks 1 and 2 from Turner Road to the east end have been installed. Loads of ballast (gravel) were spread onto the bridge deck to form the bed of the rail.

Bridge expansion joints have been installed at the east and west ends of the deck. These joints absorb vibration and help hold the parts of the bridge together.

Early Project News
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