During sensible cooling of air relative humidity?

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The relative humidity of the air decreases when there is sensible heating and increase when there is sensible cooling.

What happens during sensible cooling?

Cooling of the air is one of the most common psychrometric processes in the air conditioning systems. ... During sensible cooling process the dry bulb (DB) temperature and wet bulb (WB) temperature of the air reduces, while the latent heat of the air, and the dew point (DP) temperature of the air remains constant.

What is sensible cooling in air conditioning?

Sensible cooling is the removal of heat from the air without changing the moisture content. On the psychrometric chart (right), the cooling process moves from right to left in a horizontal line. This process does not change the humidity ratio (W) or dew point (DP) temperature of the air.

Which of the following takes place during the sensible cooling of the air?

During sensible cooling of moist air

Specific humidity remains constant. Relative humidity increases. Wet bulb temperature decreases. Dew point temperature remains constant.

What is sensible heat factor for sensible cooling process?

Sensible Heat Ratio - SHR - is defined as the sensible heat or cooling load divided by the total heat or cooling load.

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