Why is dumpster capitalized?

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This week, the Associated Press made a change to its style guide that has the word dumpster as lowercase. This comes after capitalizing the word in the past, as Dumpster is a genericized trademark of an American brand name for a type of mobile garbage bin.

Is dumpster a proper noun?

The Associated Press stylebook agrees that “Dumpster” should be capitalized, but it recommends using a generic term like “trash bin” or “trash container” instead. ... —also capitalize “Dumpster.”

What is the generic name for dumpster?

The word is a generic trademark of Dumpster, an American brand name for a specific design. Generic usage of skip or skip bin is common in the UK, Australia and Ireland, as Dumpster is neither an established nor well known brand in those countries.

What do they call a dumpster in England?

In countries like the US and Canada it's referred to as a dumpster, which seems logical given the nature of its use. However, in the UK we call them skips (or skip bins in Australia).

Who created the Dumpster?

Enter Inventor George Roby Dempster, Mayor of Knoxville

This gave him first-hand experience with the challenges of hauling waste. He applied his understanding of machinery to create a more efficient solution for this common problem. The Dempster Dumpster was introduced in 1935.

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Is dumpster diving illegal?

Dumpster diving is technically legal in all 50 states. In 1988, there was a Supreme Court case (the State of California vs. Greenwood) that ruled searching trash is legal as long as it does not conflict with any city, county, or state ordinances.

What is a dumpster made out of?

Made from 100% high-density polyethylene, our durable, lightweight dumpsters offer significant benefits over their steel counterparts. They: Weigh less than steel dumpsters—making them easier to move and easier on your operators' backs.

Why do the British call dumpsters skips?

Over the years skep became skip and the containers are still referred to as such in modern coal mines. When the bins we use came over from Germany in the early sixties, the shape of them resembled the coal skips so it was a logical step to name them thus.

What does skip mean in England?

A skip (or skip bin) is a large open-topped waste container designed for loading onto a special type of lorry. The term is mostly only encountered in British, Australian, Irish and New Zealand English. An inexact North American equivalent is a dumpster or debris box.

Who invented the skip lorry?

The Invention of the Modern Skip

The modern skip - a large container that enables the storage of unwanted items and can be transported on the back of a lorry - was invented in the UK by Edwin Walker in 1922.

What is generic name with example?

For instance, in Panthera leo (the binomial name of lion) the Panthera is the generic name (or the genus) whereas the leo is the specific epithet. In pharmacology, the term generic name is the name for a particular medication or drug that does not include a trademark or brand name.

When the brand becomes the generic name?

When you use a brand name as a generic term, you're using a proprietary eponym, or, more simply, a generic trademark. You're probably familiar with this phenomenon, but there are more examples of it than you might realize. You may be aware of Kleenex, Velcro and ChapStick, but what about escalator?

Who owns dumpster trademark?

As of February 2019, the trademark, reg. no. 4,829,304, remains "Issued and Active" at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Trademark was cancelled in 2015. Trademarked by Dempster Brothers, Inc. in 1963, dumpster is originally a portmanteau of the word dump and the last name Dempster.

Does dumpster have to be capitalized?

This week, the Associated Press made a change to its style guide that has the word dumpster as lowercase. This comes after capitalizing the word in the past, as Dumpster is a genericized trademark of an American brand name for a type of mobile garbage bin.

What is meant by dumpster diver?

: the practice of searching through public trash receptacles for edible food or discarded items that retain some use or value When he talks about his experiment in dumpster diving, Ferrell emphasizes that he had advantages that most people who scrounge for a living do not—his own house, a pickup truck, and a wife with ...

What is a possible defense against dumpster diving?

Simple countermeasures such as being diligent with document destruction can defend against dumpster diving. Often, an enterprise's trash-removal policies such as the mandated use of a cross-cut shredder are specifically tied to dumpster-diving prevention or legal compliance to do so.

What do they call a nap in England?

A British people use kip to mean either a nap or a longer sleep; it can also mean the idea or act of sleeping, as in “Will you be quiet? I'm trying to get some kip in here!” It can also be a verb: “They kipped down for the night”.

What is crack in British slang?

Slang. Crack, or (craic, Irish), Scottish, Northern English and Irish slang for 'fun', 'joke', 'gossip', or 'mood'.

What is the tip in British slang?

2 chiefly British : a place for depositing something (such as rubbish) by dumping. tip. noun (2)

What did skips used to be called?

Since a skip is essentially a large waste basket, people first referred to them as a 'skep', which gradually evolved into 'skip'. This was most likely because of mispronunciation and changes in dialect.

How did skips become immortal?

Skips got his immortality because he was the only one who could defeat Klorgbane the Destroyer and Klorgbane would return every 157 years. ... It was revealed in the episode "Free Cake" that Skips has eternal youth, restored to him by the Guardians of Eternal Youth.

How heavy is a 8 yard skip?

An 8-yard skip, when empty, weighs about 250kg (550lbs), roughly the same weight as four chimpanzees (52kg each) and a grey wolf (36kg).

Are dumpsters made of steel?

Except for the use of new materials and coatings, the general configuration of dumpsters has not changed much since the early models. The concept is elegant in its simplicity—a steel container with fork pockets that can be picked up and dumped in a truck onsite for transport to a disposal facility.

What are big bins called?

Generally speaking the bigger bins are called Eurobins and have four strong swivelling wheels on them to make them easier to manoeuvre.

What does it mean to call someone a dumpster fire?

Dumpster fire is a negative slang term for a situation that's completely disastrous. It typically implies that such a situation is out of control and is very unlikely to be fixed. It's often used to refer to situations that are disastrous due to extreme incompetence or negligence.

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